A large part of my practice is research. I regularly speak publicly about my process, and about the projects and areas that I have worked in. I also have published articles about my research in print and online media.

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awarded first prize for 3MA award, 2013, awarded by the Dean of Graduate Studies for presentation of an article published in the Journal of Postgraduate Research

writing about shane finan

  • interview: Impermanence and its Lasting Effect, Painting in Text, December 2017

    Interview for online magazine

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    I tend to focus on transient ephemeral things that disappear over time – things that change the relationship between people and place. Technology is one of those things that is constantly shifts and is constantly in flux.

    Shane Finan, interview with Barry McHugh, 2017

  • 2016

    critical essay: Shane Finan, ADA, Criticismism, January 2016

    Critical write-up on project 'ADA'.

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    We are more connected than ever, but the quality of our online relations remains in question. Art, which generally requires your physical presence, might be the apotheosis of connection.
    Perhaps that is why austerity governments value it so little. That makes archipelagoes a timely and potent image: a cluster of discrete entities joined up more closely than it seems at first.

    Mark Sheerin, criticismism, 2015

writing by shane finan

  • 2018

    book chapter: Social Computing and the Law, Cambridge University Press, August 2018

    Chapter contribution and editing credits for book about GDPR and the legal use of social computing.

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    technological developments in all areas of human endeavour involve a reconsideration of established ethical norms and an assessment on their impact on societal values and power relations.

    chapter citation, p.23, 2018

  • 2018

    artwork documentation: faigh ar ais as an fharraige, Interartive Issue #99, July 2018

    Article documenting research used for the artwork faigh ar ais as an fharraige (2018).

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    No language, whether technological, social, linguistic or artistic, appears without some baggage from a historical school of thought, and this is the reason for using painting as part of a visual metaphor in an interactive digital installation.

    article quote, 2018

  • 2018

    academic article: How Sentimental Are We About Brexit?, RTÉ Brainstorm, April 2018

    Contributing author to article on political and social effects of news on economics.

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    Our research shows that policy makers, researchers and politicians should pay heed to the 24-hour news cycles made even more noisy with Twitter

    article conclusions, 2018

  • 2016

    artwork documentation: Mugwort, Wormwood, and how little we know about the end of the world, Interartive Issue #84, May 2016

    Article documenting research used for the artwork Mugwort, Wormwood, and how little we know about the end of the world (2016).

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    Creating mental maps of areas, sights, sounds and smells are all integral to this development of a sense of place. Leaving one place and entering another can also been seen as an experience; boundaries dictate the allowed behaviours inside one place or another.

    article quote, 2016

  • 2015

    conference publication: Trust Building Through Social Media Communications in Disaster Management, SWDM15 at WWW Conference, Florence, 2015

    Academic article on trust in communication using social media.

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    The potential for developing confidence in authorities through the two-way reciprocal communication of social media provides an avenue for trust-building that arguably was not provided by previous authority/public communication media.

    article conclusions, 2015

  • 2015

    journal publication: Transient Places: The Public Benefits of Short-Term Artist-Led Spaces, Irish Journal of Arts Management and Cultural Policy, 2015

    Academic article on artist-led spaces.

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    Community co-creation of a transient place like Granby Park allows for the development of a cultural place identity that is temporary, but continues to function as part of the space’s place-memory.

    article conclusions, 2015

  • 2013

    journal publication: Rebuilding The Public Sphere: Community and Communication in Trinity College in the 21st Century, Journal of Postgraduate Research, Trinity College Dublin 2013

    Academic article on the use of public spaces in an age of digital media.

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    networked publics are broadening the horizons for discourse by offering new audiences for engagement, debate and collaboration, and as a result they are changing the role of particular architectural places.

    article conclusions, 2013

  • 2013

    postgraduate thesis: This Must Be The Place: The importance of Place in Portable Digital Media, Trinity College Dublin MSc in Interactive Digital Media, 2013

    Thesis about pervasive digital media and its effects on culture

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    It is possible to create a sense of place through a combination of devices and physical realities that, together, can reshape and redetermine the world that we live in and move through.

    thesis conclusions, 2013

  • 2012

    newspaper article: The Artist-led Scene in Sligo, Visual Artists Ireland News-sheet, 2012

    Article about artist-led spaces in Sligo, Ireland

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    ...the post-recession landscape altered the Sligo art scene significantly

    article quote, 2012


  • 2011-15

    blog: Moon Under Water

    Established in 2011, Moon Under Water is a blog that analyses the overlap between art, design and technology. Each post leads on from the last, working like a conversation that constantly moves forward onto another topic.

    The blog was shortlisted for the Best Arts & Culture blog at the 2012 Blog Awards Ireland 2012, and was also awarded Wordpress' prodigious "Freshly Pressed" award for the 2012 blog post "Once Upon A Click - Hypertext and New Ways of Reading".

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    An article was written about my writing by Wordpress's team - Read online here.

    Links give internet users agency over what they are reading. Rather than turning pages sequentially, users are allowed to explore freely at their own will and their own pace. So the experience of reading online is thus a vastly different experience to its analogue counterpart.

    Quote from article, Once upon a Click



presenting to an audience of municipal authorities and emergency managers in San Dona di Piave, Italy, January 2018

  • 2019

    Artist talk, The Repeated Refrains of Nature Auk Room, Trinity College Dublin, 25th June 2019

    Installation view at the launch of the artwork The Repeated Refrains of Nature

    Delivered a talk on the artwork The Repeated Refrains of Nature following talks by museum curator Dr. Martyn Linnie and poet/physicist Iggy McGovern.

    Documentation of artwork

  • 2018

    Commercial presentation, FÍOSÍN FEMA Region VIII Headquarters, Denver, Colorado

    Presentation of Commercial software in Colorado

    Presented social media analysis software to teams at FEMA, and to regional offices in Colorado, USA.

  • 2018

    Commercial presentation, FÍOSÍN Town Hall, San Dona di Piave, Italy, 23rd January 2018

    Audience at commercial talk in northern Italy

    Presented commercial research to municipal authorities and civil protection teams in San Dona di Piave, Northern Italy


  • 2016

    Artist talk, apo Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast, 15th December 2016

    Installation view at the launch of the artwork The Repeated Refrains of Nature

    Delivered talk about upcoming exhibition and artistic practice as part of a residency at Digital Arts Studios.

    Resident artist link

  • 2016

    Workshop: MUININ, ARES Conference, Salzburg, 31st August-2nd September 2016

    image of the Alps near where I4CM conference took place

    Led workshop presentations by collaborators on Project Slándáil at the I4CM conference 2016. Presented a paper on communication.

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  • 2016

    Research talk: Trust, place and community, Pop-Alert and TACTIC final conference, Fédération des Entreprises de Belgique, Brussels, 15th March 2016

    image on trusted communication

    Presented research on trust and community resilience at joint final conference of two major EU-funded projects.

  • 2013

    public talk: Place, Gentrification, and artist-led Initiatives, Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, Dublin, October 29th 2013

    title page from presentation delivered by shane finan for exhibition the workers cafe

    Delivered a talk on artist-led spaces and the connection between these spaces at The Worker's Café exhibition, Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, Dublin.

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  • 2013

    Radio Panelist: Reclaiming Disused Spaces, The Last Word with Matt Cooper, August 2013

    title image from radio show the last word on today fm

    Invited expert panelist on artist led spaces. The show's topic was "reclaiming disused spaces", focussing on the artist-led initiative Granby Park.

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  • 2013

    3-minute academic presentation: Rebuilding The Public Sphere, Trinity College Dublin Long Room Hub, June 10th 2013

    shane finan delivering talk at 3ma awards, trinity college dublin

    Won first prize for a three-minute talk on academic research, awarded by the Dean of Graduate Studies, Trinity College Dublin.

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  • 2012

    Artist talk, Vermont Studio Center, Vermont, USA, April 2012

    shane finan at Vermont Studio Center

    Delivered a talk on my artistic practice to an audience of artists, writers, and guests at Vermont Studio Center, 2012

    Documentation of painting series

  • 2011

    Artist talk: Reading Contemporary Painting, Nes Artist Residency, Skagastrond, Iceland, June 2011

    shane finan spoke at Nes Artist Residency

    Delivered a talk on contemporary painting to a mixed audience at Nes Artist Residency, Skagastrond, Iceland.

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